Le Voyage commence…

img_0027This is my first post on WordPress.com.  I’m trying to familiarize myself with this website, so that when I leave in a week and a half, I can start writing about the things I see, and share them with you here.

A quick update for those I haven’t talked to in a little while:

I finally graduated from the University of Washington after being in and out of school for ten years.  My major is in Creative Writing, which I love, and my minor is in Comparative Religion, which fascinates me.

For the last year or so, I have been saving money to take myself on a world trip that would be the culmination and celebration of ten years in college.  For many years now, I have had a strong yearning to go to India, and although that won’t be my first stop on these travels, I imagine I will end up in that country some time around May 2009.

Something about the East calls me.  I can’t say it always has, because the calling has become stronger and stronger as I’ve grown older, but perhaps it always has been there.  When I imagine the wind in the palm trees on a cool Thai night, something rises in my chest and I have to take a deep breath.  When I picture the jungles of Asia, my heart beats faster and I know I have to be there.  When I imagine India, I smile in joy, and sometimes I even cry.  That part of the world stirs me, and I must answer its call and go.

I am keeping this blog in an ongoing process of learning how to write, and in the spirit of sharing what I see.  Writing is therapeutic for me, it is exhilarating, and it is ultimately creative, but what I love best about writing is sharing it with other people.  I feel like I let you into my heart a little bit when I write, and I love the communication that writing garners.  So many times I have written short stories, or poems, or personal reflections, and had people tell me that it opened something up in them, or made them think about this, or reflect on that.  I love to do that, because it makes me feel good.

One of my many goals on this journey is to begin writing more, to begin writing regularly, to begin writing every day.  This is how great writers are born, according to the greats, so I will attempt to follow their advice, and practice this craft diligently.

I asked a good friend recently what he wanted to see me write more of.  He reflected on this for a moment, and then told me that he’d like to see my writing delve out into the more unknown, the less personal.  He wanted to hear stories from the ether, from the collective consciousness, stories that had nothing to do with me, other than the fact that I was the medium who put the words on the page.  (Perhaps I am taking a liberty here by interpreting his advice this way, but this is the direction my mind went with his words.)

For years, I have strengthened my writing legs by telling stories from the heart- my heart.  But my friend’s words were good for me, because they encouraged me to consider opening up my vistas and begin drawing from the infinite pool of experience that is life, that is the material for stories.  I can’t begin to imagine the experiences I will have in the next year or so, but I imagine a lot of them will have a lot to do with me, as I am the traveler, and the author of this blog.  But I also hope that much of the writing I share will be about the great unknown, a picture window that I can guide you to and point out upon a different world.

If you are reading this, welcome!  I am so glad you are here!  I intend to invite all of my friends and family to read this blog, but anyone is welcome.  If you know someone who you think might be interested in checking in from time to time, let them know!  I welcome thoughts and comments, as well.

Okay, that’s it for now.  Twelve days and counting…

I imagine my next post will be from Bangkok, but I’m not sure.  Maybe I’ll get wildly inspired in the next few nights and fill pages and pages with stories and thoughts.

So, until we meet again, I bid you adieu.

Happy life travels to YOU!



10 Responses to Le Voyage commence…

  1. marty says:

    have an exciting journey. I look forward to reading what you gots to offer.

  2. Sheila says:

    What a great start to your blog Sarah! I can’t wait to check in regularly and see what new sights and adventures my beautiful daughter is witnessing. You’ve always had a very clear, clean writing style and I know it will lend itself well to the exotic and foreign experiences you’ll undergo. Bon voyage, adieu, and vaya con Dios!

  3. Charlie says:

    I’ll try to keep you up to date on the regulars on the right side of the bar. As you travel to places I’ve been I’ll share any names and places that might make your journey smoother. We love you and are anxious to do some vicarious tripping with you. Nameste.

  4. Drewk says:

    so cool I know a writer now… I’ve always been fascinated by Original Copies of writing. If you do some pre-writing, or perhaps a whole though on a piece of paper, I’d love to read a photo of that piece of paper. It’d be real… real or something. Thanks! Looking forward to more – drewK.

  5. Debbie Kinerk says:

    I was thrilled to get this. I can’t wait to go traveling with you, in every sense of the word. I will write back sometimes, but other times I will just soak up what you have to say and feel happy that I’ve communed with you.
    I like your friend’s advice. I might take it myself. I might even start a blog.

  6. miguel says:

    you go girl! i’m so excited for you. you are an inspiration. can’t wait to read about your experiences. you rawk!

  7. Julie Harrison says:


    Reading your blog is going to be a fantastic way for us to feel like we can share a bit in some of the experiences ahead of you! I am so excited for you! As I always say “some people buy Big Screen TVs or new cars – I’d rather travel!!”. I will be following along and looking forward to your entries!


  8. Michael says:


    I can’t wait to follow your journey from afar. Here’s to your trip being just to the left of perfect: sometimes it is the frustrations and weirdness and oddball stuff that make the trip life changing. Although, sunset on the Indian Ocean is probably pretty cool too.

    I’ll miss you, but that’s just a form of looking forward to seeing you again.

    Write on,


  9. Ben says:

    May peace and serenity be your travelmates. Learn all you can, and become all you can. We miss you here in Seattle, but our hearts are traveling with you.

    Bon Voyage, Gute Reise, Via Con Dios


  10. anonymous says:

    I love you!

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