Pop-A-Wheelie Gone Awry.

Have you ever seen two guys tip over backwards on a motorbike?  I just did!
I was walking down the dirt road, headed for Brigitte and Jack’s purple bungalow.  The road was slick from a heavy rainstorm that had battered the town for the last twenty minutes.  The main road that sloped from the jungle to the beach was finally looking less like a river, and more like a road, so I took my chance and ran out of the bakery and into the morning.  The roaring of a motor caught my attention.  Two Thai guys were sitting on a motorbike, and the driver was zealously gunning the engine.  Suddenly the bike roared to life, the front wheel lifting off the ground.  I watched as it continued lifting, and lifting, and lifting… then the passenger slid off the back and fell on his ass, landing with a splash in a muddy puddle.  I took one step back, and the rear tire of the bike spun out, the entire thing toppling backwards and landing where my foot had just been.  Then, resting on its rear, it took one more fall, tipping to the side and momentarily pinning the driver beneath it.  I sidestepped the mess and began walking away, the sound of tittering Thai laughter at my back as the road curved ahead of me.



One Response to Pop-A-Wheelie Gone Awry.

  1. Ktard says:

    HAHAHAHA!!!! Fantastic first blog that would only happen for you 🙂 Miss your face Sarah, keep writing, i’m reading.

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