Sounds of the Night, Part 2.

Ocean waves, ten feet in front of me.  Shhhhhh…. Shhhhhh….

Trance music, from the bungalows on the rocks.  Two days ago it was transcendent drumming, barefoot Thai men sitting on the floor, the pads of their feet dark, tapping.  Now it’s trance.  I liked the other stuff better.

A cool breeze on my face, lifting my heart, playing with the loose hairs on my neck.  Oh wait, that’s not a sound, but who cares.

A man walking slowly across the white sand, an infant strapped to his chest.  That’s not a sound either, but it’s beautiful.

A British accent behind me, laughing, louder than the others.  I imagine a bottle of beer in his hand.

Thumping from somewhere down the beach… or is that my imagination?

Bright stars in the black sky.  A reflection like a camera flash going off in my eyes each time I blink up at them… damned computer screen.

This is becoming Night Impressions, not Night Sounds.  Oh well, I carry on…

The trance music building, building… EXPLOSION!  Steady beat now, steady beat.  Steady beat now, steady beat…

Coughing, a whistle from the rocks.  Again, again.  Now it’s turning into a cat-call, but this is Hippie Beach, USA, or Hippie Beach, Thailand, so no one is seriously cat-calling anyone else- it must be a joke.  I can picture the guy- a long-haired dude with a solid tan, curly brown hair, bright white teeth.  He is grinning at some English girl he met at yoga class the other morning.  They’ve become good friends in the last few days, sharing spliffs with their spiritually minded friends, walking from beach to beach with cloth bags over their shoulders, dancing with painted bodies to the psy-trance at the jungle parties, making up for it in the morning with a bowl of muesli, fruit, and yogurt, and another yoga class.  Maybe a group meditation.

A couple, several paces down the beach, taking turns being pushed in the rope swing.  When it is her turn, she extends her long legs out straight, reaching, toes pointed.

What else?  What else can I hear?  Crickets in the jungle.  Beautiful.  Chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp.  A quiet background to all this noise.  All this beach-y noise.  But if I really wanted to paint an accurate picture for you, I would immediately say that all this beach-y noise is really rather quiet.  That’s why I love it here.

The sound of metallic crinkling, close to my ear.  Oh wait, that’s the Snickers bar I’m unwrapping 😉

The couple has abandoned the swing, and are sitting in the dark.  I think they have their arms around each other.  The sand is an excellent disguise.  In the darkness, without a moon, you are practically invisible.


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