Tummy Love.

img_06771Dear Friends and Family,

Hola, sawat-di ka, namaste, aloha, hello!  I am writing to ask a favor of you…

Despite all of the wonderfulness around me: the sea like a bath, guitar music, a gentle breeze through the window, Brigitte and Jack two bungalows up, wonderful food, lots of laughs, positive thinking, moments of awe…  I have a stomach ache.  For the last four days, there has been a steady pain in my upper abdomen, and it pangs me fairly often- like right now.

Instead of getting into the specifics of how it feels and when, I’d rather paint a picture and ask you to devote a moment of mental energy towards imagining it coming to life.  I guarantee I will feel better.  Thank you.


I am feeling fantastically well.  I have just downed a fruit shake and am digging into a bowl of green curry and rice.  A plate of papayas sits on the side.  Life is good.  The ocean waves are crashing below, and in a couple of hours I am going to dive into the water and swim, swim, swim, all the way around the jutting rocks to the next beach.  It will take about a half an hour, but I am strong and feeling great.  I am ready for it.

I am so happy, because for many days now, my stomach has felt fantastic.  I love it, it loves me.  We are in a good relationship 😉  Everything I eat goes down perfectly, and my appetite is vigorous and constant.  I am a happy camper.  My skin glows, and my eyes are bright.  Laughter comes easily and often.

I look up at the jungle, and feel it come to life inside of me- monkeys screeching, streams trickling, giant rocks damp and mossy.  The sea is at my back, unbelievably turquoise, an inexplicable friend.  The sky is open and reflecting down upon me, offering nightly shows of mauve tinged clouds, just out of reach.  Life is perfectly, wonderfully good.  I am on such a good trip.


Thanks, you guys.  One of the things I want to work on during this time away is forming a better relationship to my tummy.  It has always been the place I put my stress, and it is the first place I often feel negative emotion.  It deserves (and will receive) lots and lots of love in the coming months and years, and with your positive thoughts behind me, I know that my stomach will heal and feel better so much faster.

Thank you so much.

(And while I’m at it, will you send some tummy love in Brigitte’s direction, too?  She is as notorious as I am for having an unhappy stomach, so let’s direct a little positive thought and energy towards her as well.)

I love you all!!!



2 Responses to Tummy Love.

  1. Sheila says:

    Do you hear that murmur? It’s very low, almost unhearable (is that a word?). But if you are very, very quiet and listen very, very carefully, you’ll hear my tummy talking to your tummy. It croons softly, gently telling your tummy how good it feels, how calm and peaceful it is, how relaxed and at ease it is. It sends your tummy wonderfully gentle words that massage and relax and soothe it. Take just a a few minutes to listen…..hear it now?

  2. b says:

    Hi! Just crawling into bed reading the lastest and greatest here, LOL that “taka” story was crackin me up! But I wanted to take a minute and send some tummy Lovin’ your way in the form of a request for healing! Let’s ask very hopefully that the stresses of life coming up pass easily through us and spend as little time as possible binding to the core and causing discomfort. Let us acknowledge the presence of grief and let it pass through us experientially unobstructed! In and out and on to the next! Amen! Much love!

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