Chronicles of Taka, continued…

We were doing a recon mission to scope out the plants we were going to steal that night.  We thought it would be fun to film the upcoming theft, so we stopped in Big Blue to charge my camera battery.  Upon entering, we looked around carefully, making sure Taka wasn’t there.  He tends to lurk at Big Blue.  There was a guy in the far corner of the restaurant who gave us a scare- he was laying back on a mat, his feet in the air.
“Is that him?” Brigitte asked tensely.  I squinted my eyes, but kept my head turned in the direction of the water.  If it was Taka, I didn’t want him to see me looking in his direction.  Anything encourages him.  The guy turned his head to talk to the person next to him, and I caught a glimpse of his profile.  “No, it’s not him,” I said in relief.  We cautiously took our seats.  I started to plug in my charger.  Just then Brigitte pushed backwards in her chair.  She looked alarmed, and was moving quickly.  “He’s over there!” she hissed under her breath.  I looked over and saw a bare, sweaty back not far from us.  It was Taka.  He was looking out to sea.  “Go!” I said, pushing my chair backwards and scrambling up.  I reached for the charger, which I had just plugged into the wall, but it my haste, I pulled it out too quickly and it clattered to the floor.  Not looking up, I grabbed it and stuffed it in my bag, already running.  I could practically feel his eyes on my back as I ran, but I never looked up.  As soon as we were both outside, we began speed-walking like determined Olympians.  He didn’t catch us.
Narrow escape.


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