Photo Shoot!

Down on the beach, two guys posed in Speedos.  They were buff, possibly German, and one of them was very stout.  The taller one posed, his arms over his head, then he put his hands on his hips and looked over his shoulder.

Snap!  The shot was taken and he dropped his hands, running over to his friend to see the camera.  They consulted for a moment, there were a few nods, and then the camera switched hands.

The shorter guy now took center stage, hands in fists, arms and legs forming triangles to the ground.  He looked defiantly out to sea.

Snap!  He dropped his arms and shook it out, trotting around to the other side, so that the jungle was now behind him.  He shook his head once, like a mane (although he had very short hair), and then struck the same pose, ready, fierce.  The photographer angled in, working just the right shot.  Then… Snap!  The picture was taken, and the shorter guy jumped in the air, his feet kicked off to the side, Hooray!

He fussed up his hair and laughed with his head thrown back, then darted at his friend and swatted him on the butt.  The taller one giggled and jumped back, then threw a swat of own, catching his friend on a Speedo-clad buttock.

It was all good fun as they trotted away, slapping at each other and giggling.  For now, the photo session was complete.


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