Sexy Time.

Early evening is her sexiest time.  It happens before the sun goes down, while the light is still bright in the sky.  She steps into the bathroom and turns on the shower.  Cold water pours out, and she quickly spills it over her body, and runs it through her hair.  She lifts her arms and sprays the water there, then down her body, onto her legs.  Then she fixes the shower head to the wall and steps under it.  She soaks her hair one more time and pours shampoo into her hand.  She lathers the shampoo through the crown of her head, massaging in circles, around her temples, over her neck, around her ears.  She does this until she can feel all of her hair moving easily under her hands, then she lifts the shower head and rinses it out.

She does this all over her body.  First with shampoo, then with soap on her limbs, and finally with a special soap on her face.  She watches herself in the mirror as she rinses, the suds sliding down her body, over her nipples.  Her breasts look big when she raises her arms over her head, and round when she drops them.  The slanting sunrays from the skylight dance on her body, and when she twists her neck, her hair spills down one shoulder.  She slides the water over her breasts, and thinks about having his baby.  When she looks up, he is watching her in the mirror.


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