Pour Vous…

Today I’ll write a sonnet about you!
My wonderful friends and family who I call ‘Readers.’
But you must accept that every word is true,
Or I’ll stop writing poems, and I won’t write stories, either!

Dreams spin out of Heaven, asking to be shared,
I write them on the page and then I wait.
I often feel I’m laying my soul bare.
But a marriage between you and my dreams is taking place.

I love to imagine a million different perceptions.
Doors opening in every different mind.
Like Alice in Wonderland, looking out on the garden
Of the Queen of Hearts, through a keyhole, in warped time.

The words on the page are tying us together.
From there, each mind will spin off on its own.
You will feel pain, he may feel pleasure…
Countless strange new worlds are being born.

Let’s all thank art for giving us this sonnet!
And lending us a glimpse of what is infinite.

(Brigitte is responsible for rhyming ‘sonnet’ and ‘infinite’!  Nice work, B!)



2 Responses to Pour Vous…

  1. Sheila says:

    Nice work both you. Brig, maybe you should try your hand at poetry….

  2. Kelly says:

    Thanks Sarah- That was great! I accept your gift enthusiastically.

    I realized this morning that I hadn’t read your entry in a few days. So I got caught up… now I am late for work. But I can’t think of a better way to start my day. I am super stressed about school right now and your entries relax me a bit. Now I can stroll into work leisurely with a smile on my face and thoughts of sunshine, maddening ants and pervy beach men.

    Take Care Lady.

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