Snake Eyes.

Snake eyes… , I heard a voice hiss from the shadows.  I looked up sharply, my eyes narrowed.  An Indian man was looking into my eyes, a red turban on his head, and a full, black mustache hanging over his lip.
img_0113 Let me read your fortune, he said, in a voice that sounded alluring.  He had already begun to walk away, assuming I would follow.  I saw several other Indians swarming around, one in a yellow turban, and another wearing blue.

I had a flashback to being in Bangkok several years back.  Then, I was walking down the street when the same greeting jolted me out of my head and made me look up.  That particular Indian had continued to flatter me, saying, Such glittering, green snake eyes you have… Let me tell you what love has in store for you in this life… Minutes later we were in a quiet alley, sitting on a blanket he had whipped out and laid down.  He had proceeded to pull out a pad and paper, and after procuring 800 baht from me (around $20), he gave me the most bogus reading I have ever had.  It involved some mathematical trickery with the pen and paper that wasn’t even tricky at all, and ended with me furious and fuming at being blatantly ripped off.

So this time, when I heard the infamous hiss… snake eyes… I was ready.  I shook my head no, and marched on, and when the Indian realized that I wasn’t following him, he ran after me, shouting, Listen to me!  Miss!  Listen to me! His voice was commanding, and a touch pissed off, and I got the sense that he wasn’t used to being denied.  But being the polite young lady that I am, I settled on merely giving him the mental bird, and continued on my way, unaffected.


2 Responses to Snake Eyes.

  1. Sheila says:

    I guess we do leave and learn! I love the term “mental bird”. I ‘ve given that sign many times and never even realized it had a name.

  2. Ben says:

    In the South, the customary blessing/blasting is “Well, bless your soul.”

    It’s not a good thing.


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