3) Two in One

I was meditating in the quiet library one day. I heard something snoring. It made me giggle quietly to myself. I figured a cat or dog must have gotten in and was snoozing behind a bookshelf. It’s happened before. The snoring turned to rhythmic, predictable burps. What was going on? I looked around as covertly as possible. Walking in front of the Buddha shrine, arms folded behind her back, was a plump Thai girl. I watched her lips and mouth as she walked. Every few steps, a loud burp escaped her. Then it turned into a snoring sound, deep in her throat. She walked on, seemingly unperturbed, and I made myself look down at my feet again. She just kept on, these strange burps and snores escaping her throat and echoing off the marble floors of the silent library. A few other people looked up to see where the noise was coming from. It occurred to me about halfway through that hour- “Wow. She’s just trying to breathe.  Something (physical? psychological?) was blocking the passage of air into her lungs, and she sounded like a frog croaking at night. And then, the strangest thing happened. She sighed, and she sounded exactly like a woman, a tired, perhaps frustrated, woman. I couldn’t believe it. The sound was so feminine, so utterly different from the croaking and burping, that it was like two people living in her body at once.img_0805


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