Dirty Delhi


I went to bed early last night, convinced I was tired.  But part of me suspected that it was just the dust in my eyes.  Paharganj, the busy, hyper-active area of Delhi where I’m staying is a blur of sun, dust, goats, cattle, donkeys, rickshaws, and people.  It is filthy and it is beautiful.  It is dangerous, and it is open-hearted.  Smile and the world smiles back.

I woke up this morning and showered.  I cleaned my face and my eyes and my neck.  When I got out, I blew my nose.  Brown and black snot.  Then I cleaned my ears.  When I took the cotton swab away, it was brown.  My suspicions from the previous night were confirmed.


One Response to Dirty Delhi

  1. Christopher says:

    Well its good to know your nose and ears are working. All that grime and smog got stopped by your cilia and didn’t infiltrate your brain! Maybe you will come back with really long nosehairs and whiskers growing out of your ears! Keep your nose clean…

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