I think that all of the dust floating around, into my eyes, into my ears, into my nose… has given me allergies. So yesterday I went to see an Ayurvedic doctor in town. He has a little two room place on the main, dusty road, which is advertised by a green sign with a white cross. He himself is a middle-aged Indian man with a very large, black mustache. 

On my way to lunch, I stopped in. He started by feeling my glands, looking up my nose with a flashlight, and having me say “ahhh…” while he peered down my throat. Then he had me lie on my back. He returned a few moments later with a vial of dark green liquid. He had me tilt my head back a bit further, and then he began to drip it into my nose. It was hot, and it felt like oil. I lied there and allowed it to trickle back into my sinuses, which actually wasn’t too uncomfortable. Then the doctor began squeezing my nose, pushing down with his thumbs along the line over my lips, pinching my eyebrows and the bridge of my nose. He did this for about ten minutes, giving me a strong facial massage in order to coax the dark green oil further into my sinuses.

Eventually, he had me sit up. He handed me a small brown paper bag with pellets that looked like rabbit food. I was told to take two pills, three times a day. He also gave me a bottle of what turned out to be a black, extremely bitter paste that I was to take with hot tea or milk. He told me to return in the evening.

I returned last night and this morning. Both times he has dripped the green oil into my nose, and given me a firm facial massage, pulling the medicine back into my forehead and ears. The last two times, he sat me up at the end, and gave me a good, solid back and shoulder massage as well, pinching at my neck, and pounding on my back. His hands are so strong that it hurts, but it feels good at the same time. I have decided that I like this method of treating allergies better than being handed a prescription for Allegra or some other drug. Anytime I can score a massage out of a visit to the doctor, I’m down 😉


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