We’ve been hanging out at the Pyramid Café the last few days.  It is basically two small teepees side by side on the top of a dry, crispy hill.  On the one side, there is the smoking teepee, designated by a picture of a black lung and a corresponding arrow.  On the other side is the non-smoking teepee, designated by a healthy looking pink lung.  We always choose the non-smoking side, and feel quite good about ourselves, sipping kombucha and ordering salads with spiralina.  Kombucha is a fermented tea that is reputed to aid everything from digestion to healthy sleeping patterns, and it has even been said to cure cancer.  In this town, where alcohol is not even legal, we get our kicks where we can.  After a week or so of doing yoga twice a day, in addition to not drinking or smoking, I think I can feel a bit of a buzz when I drink kombucha.  My arms and legs start to tingle and my neck seems to relax.  I told this to my friends, and they nodded their heads with an interested twinkle in their eyes.

Tonight, the barefoot waiter walked into the teepee to see if we needed anything.  I looked at the menu and debated.  It was possible to buy kombucha by the half-liter or the liter.  I looked at Danny and raised my eyebrows.  “Should we do the full liter?” I asked.IMG_1007

“Go on then,” he said, giving me the nod of approval.  “It’s Friday night.”


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