Update… Breaking News…

Alright, kiddie kiddie boom booms…

I’m working on a new format for this thing, or rather, a new practice.  I’m going to try posting blogs every two or three days for the next couple of weeks, rather than daily.  I imagine I’ll keep writing as much, but this way, I can stay out of the internet shops and OFFLINE, which sounds really nice.  It’s just too easy to get sucked into the internet when I’m on here every night posting stories.  And I hate getting stuck on the internet… I feel like it sucks my lifeblood.  Plus, when I spend less time on the internet, I have more time to get out and have all of the wild and crazy experiences that become fodder for the stories I tell YOU!  So you see, we all win this way 😉

Alright, that said, I’m going to enjoy my spaghetti with yak cheese (yeah!!!), and watch the sun setting behind the Himalayas.  For reals!

Love you all,



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