India-syncrasies… 1.

IMG_1366In the West, women always want to be tan.  We ruin our skin in tanning beds, or, if we’re wiser, we buy a tan-in-a-bottle.  Western Family sells them, Avon certainly does, and if you want a really classy tan, you can pay Estee Lauder or Chanel to make you glow.  In the East, it’s different.  They all want to be white.  I saw it in Thailand, and I see it here- women desperate to make their tans go away.  One girl in the monastery came out glowing like a ghost every morning, her face powdered to a stiff artificiality.  I always thought that she would be a beautiful girl if she would just wipe that shit off her face.  Walk into a pharmacy here (or there), and it’s difficult to find a lotion that isn’t “whitening.”  I don’t particularly want to be more white, so I try to find a normal, neutral lotion, but it’s difficult.  Even (or especially) the models here are Westernized and whitened until they don’t look real anymore.  I look through Indian magazines and marvel at the women I see- are they real?  Where are they from?  They have a decidedly Eastern caste, but they have been airbrushed into looking like something different, a new breed of woman, a glowing white generic prototype of what everyone thinks is beauty.  Weird.


One Response to India-syncrasies… 1.

  1. B says:

    Totally! I noticed that over there myself, and if you replace the “R” with the “L” you are a hill billy and if you roll the “R” your rich and stuck up, there’s no escape! LOL

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