No Game

Blue Heaven is the name of the little café I like to eat at.  It has pillows on the floors, and gorgeous views of the Himalayas.  In the afternoon, the sun streams through the windows and heats the space up to a comfortable, nap-inducing temperature.  The food is good, and despite their penchant for playing Guns N’ Roses albums on repeat, I enjoy hanging out there.

Tonight I met a girl there named Tara.  We were both having dinner and sharing our experiences of India together.  A Japanese guy walked in.  I was in the corner, and Tara was sitting at a low table next to me, but other than that, the place was empty.  The Japanese guy came straight up and sat down at the table next to Tara, not three feet away.  A little uncomfortable.  Then he proceeded to talk loudly in the middle of our conversation.  “Computer?” he would shout out, pointing at my computer with his eyebrows raised.  “Uh, yeah,” I’d say, and return to my conversation with Tara.

“Food?” he would ask intensely, pointing at Tara’s plate as we spoke.  She would throw a slightly annoyed look over her shoulder, say yes, and then continue to talk to me.  He kept doing this, despite the fact that Tara had turned her back to him entirely, and I was completely avoiding eye contact.  I was having a hard time looking in her eyes as she spoke though, because he was sitting right behind her, staring intensely at me.  I could feel his eyes burning into mine as I looked at her.  It was really annoying.

Finally he seemed to get it.  He turned towards his beer and starting drinking.  This only lasted for a minute or so, though, and then he struck up a meditation pose, cross-legged, his hands in his lap.  Interestingly, though, he didn’t choose to face the mountains, or even the opposite wall as he meditated.  He turned towards us, his pose intense and deliberate, begging attention.  For the next five minutes, he proceeded to meditate furiously in our direction.

If you are so compelled to meditate in the middle of a restaurant, I thought, can’t you at least face the windows or the empty wall?IMG_1379

Must you face the only two girls in here, and sit three feet away at that?  Seriously!

ometimes, in other cultures, amidst other languages, I really wish I could communicate freely and clearly for just a moment, and tell guys how far off base they usually are.  I wish I could school them in having some game, because generally, they never do!!!  My first pointer for this dude?  Stop staring at the only two girls in the restaurant, and if you MUST meditate, do it while facing the windows!


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