Swami-isms… 1

We are sitting on our butts, left leg stretched out in front of us, right leg crossed on top of left thigh.

“Bend forward!” Swami Yogananda calls out in a mildly threatening tone.  “Further, further, further!!!”

I am bending as far as I can go, my hands holding my feet, but my knee hopelessly far below.

“Touch forehead to knee!” Swami is shouting.  ‘Try, try, try!  Harder, harder, harder!”

He is moving through the rows of students, pounding on backs, hollering at the top of his lungs.  “Try harder!”

I reach and strain, and still I cannot touch my forehead to my knee.  My back is killing me, my thigh muscles are screaming.  Swami is approaching.  I try harder.

“Try, try, try!” he calls out, pounding on one back, then another, forcing bodies closer to the floor despite gasps and groans.  “Must try harder!  If cannot touch knee with forehead, touch with tongue!!!”IMG_1338


One Response to Swami-isms… 1

  1. B says:

    Now that sounds fun!!!

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