Of a Sunny Day

Ascend stone steps, wild roses on the vine
Creep past you as you climb and climb and climb
Leave this honking, staring town behind
The apple orchards wait, and they’re divine

Up you go, away into the green
Camouflage has never been so serene
You melt into the trees, a nymph unseen
A single tear rolls down your cheek, pristine

Take the road less traveled, climb this rock
Ah ha!  You’ve found the perfect thinking spot
Beneath the tree, next to the wild pot
The air is cold, the sun beats down- she’s hot!

An inchworm reaches into outer space
He feels and feels until he finds a place
To drop his body and inch, but not in haste
He’s searching for the perfect leaf to taste

Close your eyes and watch the thoughts roll by
As eagles wheel against the summer sky
A face returns, laughing, bowing, shy
It’s memories like these that make you cry

Make space around the images you see
Watch them come and go, breathe evenly
Be like the stone, the butterfly, the tree
Feel the breeze, the sun, the air, just Be.

And then the tears will dry upon your face
You know that life is bathed in perfect grace
That feeling in your heart, I think it’s faith
An inchworm reaches into outer spaceIMG_1497


One Response to Of a Sunny Day

  1. Sheila says:

    What a delightful poem! This is one I’ll re-read again and again.

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