More Jingles


Passionate Duality

Luc roars out of France on an Enfield
Beneath his soft hands Ana yields
His skin is like olives
They start with a small kiss
That leads them to blissful love fields.

She calls him her own Kryptonite
In dreams they make love every night
The candlelight flickers
Between passionate bickers
They drop to the bed and ignite.

Tough Love

‘Bend further, bend further!’ he says
She’s touching her toes to her head
A pound on the back-
Her joints, they all crack
Her ego is lying in shreds

His students are worthless reptiles
He won’t even spare them a smile
They’re lazy and fat
They ooze off their mats
Their alignment unspeakably vile

“Just Dogs”

From the doorways, men shout and throw rocks
They laugh when a dog yelps in shock
Starvation is normal
A swift kick is apropos
When a dog dares to walk down their block

He cowers, and digs in the trash
He’s hoping for some restaurant’s stash
Of stale chapattis
To nourish his body
He’s starving, and covered in rash


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