Dharamsala Wisdom

(In India…)
IMG_1974*Don’t use your umbrella tip as a walking stick.  Don’t do it.  It will die two days later.  I promise.  The tragedy of a dead rainbow.  The regret caused by a wet head.

*Unless you want to have your picture taken with Punjabis for the fourth time today, do not make eye contact with young men holding throw-away cameras or camera phones.  They’ll probably get you anyway, but your chances of escaping are better if you pretend you haven’t seen them.

*Smile considerately when you see monks.

*Get used to having wet feet.  Do not cringe when you slide your feet into your chafing Chackos. Surrender to the puddles in your thongs.  This is the reality of monsoon season.

*Sit with your back straight in meditation.

*Accept dinner invitations when you get to eat food with your hands.  It’s fun!

*Show mercy to the dogs even if all of the Indians are staring at you like you’re weird.  Feed the skinny ones, pet the friendly ones.  Set a good example.


*If you want your clothes to stay dry, close the windows when you see the mist rolling up the mountain.

*Accept that even if you close the window, your clothes will never be entirely dry.  Thick coats can be washed again and again, but in India in July, they will always retain the mild odor of mildew.  Tee-shirts tend to stick to your skin.  Blankets feel damp and cold, but warm up quickly.  Moisture is a reality of life.

*Walk to every waterfall.  It is always worth it.

*Do what you say you are going to do.  It feels good.

*Mosquitoes are bastards.


One Response to Dharamsala Wisdom

  1. Sheila says:

    Your grandmother always used to say ‘Spiders are God’s little engineers” so I’m sure she would take exception to your last bit of wisdom. She’d probably say something like “Mosquitoes are God’s little hypodermic needles”.

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