They eat the mushrooms late at night.  Nothing happens.  So they walk downstairs and fall asleep on the fold-out couch.  Some time later she awakens.

A rush goes through her body, part fear, part exhilaration. She sits up straight.  When they laid down on the bed, he was beside her.  Now he’s everywhere.

He’s lounging in the doorway, arms crossed.  He’s squatting in front of the T.V. changing channels.  He’s opening the blinds.  He’s on the edge of the bed, looking over his shoulder at her and grinning devilishly.  He’s sitting in a reclining chair, kicking up his feet.  And he’s still beside her, asleep on his side.

She can’t make heads nor tails of it.  She decides she must be in love.


He shows up at the party with his girlfriend.  She can hardly look at them together.  For months, she and he have been flirting at work, and she knows he wants her.  He dreams about her.  He tells her this.

Later, several hours after he and his girlfriend have left the party together, she decides to go home, too.  She walks downstairs, and lets herself out onto the street.  She walks to where her bike is propped against a tree, and begins to unlock it.  Suddenly he is there in his car.  The engine idles on the quiet street, and he leans over and opens the passenger door.

Get in, he says.  He’s grinning.

She resists for awhile, knowing that if she gets in, she will probably won’t get out.  This isn’t a cordial, platonic visit.  This is a late night visit that shouldn’t be happening.  But she wants him, so she climbs in.  Soon they are kissing.  His mouth tastes like grapes, purple and metallic.  She pulls away.

Were you chewing gum? she asks.

No, he says, and grabs her again.  His eyes look funny in the darkness.  He laughs and says, I ate acid.

She panics.  She can taste his saliva in her mouth, imagines it mingling with her own.

Can I get high from that? she asks.  She’s never tried acid before.

He laughs again in the darkness and guns the engine.

I guess we’ll find out, won’t we?


Everyone says sex is amazing on Ecstasy.

They are young, naked, and high.  They have been going at it for hours.  Sweat pours down their bodies, and blood pumps in their veins.  She can hear it rushing in her ears.  It is an explosive red river.

She is the goddess of the world, he is her king.  A shudder passes through her, pure chemicals, and she melts on top of him.  They coalesce, one body, one mind.  They move together like a primordial beast raising its head and roaring.

As he reaches his climax, his eyes roll back in his head.  He strains off of the bed, and she flexes her muscles and rests her hands on his chest.  Then he exhales powerfully and collapses, his head rolling to the side.

He lies on his back, eyes closed.  He looks dead.  His face has gone completely white.  The only evidence of life is the throbbing blood at his temples. Moments later, he opens his eyes and smiles.

Where did you go? she asks, feeling the drug in her cheeks, on her tongue.  She is breathless, pulsing.

I blacked out, he says.  I’ve never come like that.  It overwhelmed me.


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