Inanimate Beauty


A high-ceilinged room.  Wooden floors.  White walls.

Brazilian music plays from the speakers, sexy music that makes me wish I was on the beach.  I’ll dance instead.

Colorful shavings in a pile. Newly sharpened pencils waiting to create.

A threadbare rainbow carpet on the floor.

Yellow curtains, six windows. Beyond the windows, a monsoon sky. Mist caught in trees.

Sandalwood incense dances through the window, kissing the silk scarf that hangs from the pane. It climbs up the tie-dye sarong, staining it with perfume.

Art in motion.



One Response to Inanimate Beauty

  1. Sheila says:

    This entry is like poetry – beautiful! And the photograph is amazing. Can you tell us what’s going on and where it was taken?

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