Demonstrating to myself how very un-Buddhist I can be, I just smashed a mosquito with ruthless power.

He didn’t stand a chance.

However, as his corpse lies broken on the cold cement floor, his sly, whining ghost still haunts me.  Between my palms are the imprints of his three-part death.

The first is dark, shaped like a mosquito.  It is where he was initially smashed.  The second is a dimmer impression, more gray than black.  That is the evidence of what happened when I clapped my hands together a second time, ensuring that he was dead.  The third imprint is merely a smudge of gray, the traces of his bloody corpse as I wiped him off my hands.

Mosquitoes be warned:  I don’t give a damn about saving your lives!IMG_2171


3 Responses to Killer

  1. kelly says:

    show no mercy sarah!

  2. brigitte s. says:

    I think I could be totally “enlightened” if it weren’t for mosquitos. I’ll kill all of them!

  3. Sheila says:

    Amen sister! Mosquitos and spiders are meant to die violently (at least if they show up around me).

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