Hello, my friends,

Perhaps you have noticed what a bad-ass photographer I’m turning out to be, non?  Well, I have to be honest and make a confession.  For the last few weeks, I have been “supplementing” my own pictures with those of my good friend Danny.  Danny is a badass photographer, and sometimes I feel like showing you badass pictures.  Most of his shots that I’ve used are of this town that I’m staying in, so you still get the local flavor of this region of India.  Some of his most notable shots (in my opinion) are the one of the Indian man with piercing eyes and a blue turban, the gorgeous grasshopper on the shiny green surface (it was a painted bench), and the woman praying with her head bent to a white marble wall.  Danny is working on getting a website of his work up and running, but if you are interesting in buying prints of any of those beautiful shots you’ve seen, you can email him directly at:


BUT.  Danny is skeddadling back to England soon, so I am more or less back to using only my own shots.  I hope they are half as pleasing!

Au revoir!IMG_1390


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