Open Toilet

Pornima’s strong coffee hit me suddenly, and I stood up to find the loo.  At the counter of the shack that served as a restaurant, I said, “Excuse me, do you have a toilet?”

With an expansive gesture towards the hills, the man behind the counter said quite generously, “Open toilet.”

I looked around.  “Open toilet?” I said.  “Where?”

Again he gestured towards the green hills.  I scanned them for a sign of a ramshackle hut with a swinging tin door, or perhaps a swath of cloth wrapped around several trees.  Nothing.

“Um, where is it?” I asked again.

“Open toilet,” he repeated, smiling. Then it dawned on me.  An “open toilet” meant you had to squat in the Great Outdoors.

I hitched up my pants, slipped and slid up the muddy mountain trails, and veered off towards an open patch in the shrubs, high above the road and obscured by trees.  I squatted down and enjoyed my “open toilet” experience on the hill.  The view was lovely.IMG_1376


2 Responses to Open Toilet

  1. Sheila says:

    There’s nothing like squatting down in the great outdoors to make one appreciate indoor plumbing.

  2. b. shrope says:

    hahahaa… we are having so many similar experiences despite being so far apart….

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