He is making love to you.  The single bed you move upon is rumpled, and the shades are drawn.  The outline of the furniture is dim, the house silent.  Dawn is just breaking beyond the shaded windows, bringing with it a pale light that barely illuminates the room.  You have been up all night.  Close your eyes…

You see the walls of a high slate canyon.  Rugged ledges jut out as the walls climb to a surreal blue sky.  High in its zenith, the sun burns furiously, throwing its dancing yellow rays down into the narrow canyon where they penetrate the ethereal waters of the booming, careening river.

Everything is alive here.

The slate provides the curving, statuesque course for the river to explode through, and the walls have eyes, laughing eyes that urge the river on, congratulate it for roaring with a fierceness that is playful, exhibitionistic.

The twisting, rippling sun rays illuminate the canyon with bouncing light and shifting power.  As you stand on a ledge watching, you are sure you can hear angels singing, but though you turn your head left and right, up and down, you see no winged creatures.  But you do see dolphins…

You open your eyes and he is above you, moving with his eyes closed, a smile on his lips.  Just as the waterfalls explode inside of you, he opens his eyes and smiles.  You smile back and sink into a world of crystalline light and miraculous waters.

Dolphins are leaping out of the river, schools of them, families of them, twisting, turning, glinting in the light.  They are blue, deep blue, and their sides are streaked with silver and grey.  From your ledge on the wall, you watch them, these joyous, dancing creatures, and they seem to feel your presence, so they jump higher, bursting out of the water like explosions. They are luminous performers in a canyon of light.

You think, I didn’t know that dolphins lived in rivers!

But just as quickly the thought is gone as another pack leaps from the water before diving beneath the surface in a splash of glory.  Again, you think you hear heavenly music, singing, string instruments, or a distant flute.  Again you look around, but there are no visible angels present, just the burning, playful sun, the wild river, and the mythical dolphins.

You slide your hands down his slick back, and feel something open deep inside of you.  A smile melts your face, and you become aware of the natural breath in your lungs. It flows in and out so easily. 

His body moves in time with the river, with the leaping dolphins, with the sun.  Somewhere behind his closed eyes he is dancing too, lost in a valley of twisted mushrooms, gorgeous wildflowers, a lagoon full of doe-eyed mermaids.  Wherever he has gone, your joined bodies have been the conduit that allowed him to arrive there, and as you move slightly, raising your hips, you know that you have just tweaked his world, added a splash of color, perhaps, or ripened the red fruit on the trees.  He moans and drops his head, and you close your eyes and allow your union to take you back to your own special world.

The sun is setting on the glorious canyon. The last of the dolphins have disappeared, diving under the surface to merge with the blue water that is their home.  You imagine their course twisting away to the sea, opening into an underwater world of extraordinary proportions, deep, colorful, infinitely alive.

You return your eyes to the sky and see that a rainbow has appeared, an arc of color over the darkening walls of the canyon.  The sky retains its soft blue color, but now it is flushed with an evening pink and streaks of yellow that tell of the last flickering rays of sun.

You breathe deeply and feel your body rise and fall, rise and fall.  As the river booms below you, you begin to disintegrate into warm, melting bliss, floating off bit by bit.  Where the sun ends and the river begins, you have no idea.  Where the angels sing behind veils of illusion, you cease to care.  You melt into particles of pure bliss, dissolving into the sky as the dolphins merge with the sea.

You open your eyes and he has collapsed on top of you, somewhere between waking and dreams.  You wrap your arms around him and kiss his damp neck, and then, with your bodies heavy and merged, fall into a deep, deep sleep.


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