Grasshopper Kickball

I was kickin’ along down Bhagsu road today, minding my own business and admiring the mountains.  Def Leopard played in my ears, and I was feeling the heart and soul of that gritty eighties rock, balling up my fists in passion.

My eyes moved from the mountains to the road, taking in the sights of mountain goats chewing grass, Tibetans with umbrellas, and a man with a bedraggled white scale who was charging five rupees per use.  I declined having myself weighed and continued on.

I looked down and watched my feet swinging and crunching the gravel.  Then I saw a grasshopper.  He was poised to jump, hunkering down on his back legs, moments from springing.  He was directly in my path.

My momentum was moving me swiftly though, and in the split second it took me to notice him and deduce his trajectory, he had leapt.  My right foot swung out and caught him squarely in mid-flight, and I kicked him halfway across the road.

I felt like I was playing Grasshopper Kickball.IMG_2518


2 Responses to Grasshopper Kickball

  1. davis says:

    I used to play dragonfly tennis

  2. Sheila says:

    Sarah! That sounds a little cold blooded for an animal lover like you – did the poor little thing survive??

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