In Style

There is a very distinct style amongst the travelers in these damp, cold mountains where the sun rarely shines.  Instead of jackets, they rock fuzzy shawls and blankets.  Also popular are asymmetrical sweatshirts with long, pointy hoods, woolen socks with a split in the toes, knitted booties, and leg warmers.

Yesterday I bought my first pair of wool booties, and today I topped them off with a pair of colorful leg warmers.  As I slid the leg warmers over my booties and sweats, I thought, ‘Stylish.  And comfortable!’

Then I considered my mental appraisal, and laughed out loud.  I never thought I’d see the day when the combination of knitted booties, leg warmers and sweats was stylish.



One Response to In Style

  1. davis says:

    can you truly “rock” a shawl?

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