Loyal Readers,

Tomorrow is my last day as a fee woman before I go into vipassana lockdown for another ten days.  Yuck.  Yay.  Yuck.  Yay.  I love these things, and I hate them.  They are wonderful for opening your heart.  They suck because you have to wake up at four in the morning.  They give you deeper insights into life and living.  You can’t eat food after noon.  They inspire amazing creativity.  You meditate for twelve hours a day.  You feel happy and hopeful when you finish.  When you’re there, all you want to do is leave.

So.  I am voluntarily committing myself, and I hope it is a very positive experience.  I can’t take my laptop, and I can’t read or talk or look people in the eyes.  But in the process of becoming so inwardly focused, a lot of things shift and change.  I usually feel freshly inspired when I emerge into the real world again, so I imagine I will continue writing when I get out.  The last few days, I’ve been feeling kind of blah about writing, so I hope this revitalizes my creative juices.  I hope a new passion emerges that I can then translate to the page.  Wish me luck!  And until then, enjoy the new writing I’ve just posted below, and check out a new piece titled “The Happy People’s Club” on my other website, at:

Lots of love,


P.S.  The photo below is a picture of the “cell” I stayed in last time.  They really call them “cells,” and they really are that tiny!  Fun!!!!  😉IMG_2044


3 Responses to Ciao…

  1. b. shrope says:


    My Say!

  2. I hope it will be all worthwhile. I was with you in thought, all the way.

  3. b. says:

    You look happy and healthy! 🙂 Must be so!

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