Creatures In A Yoga Hall

… A handful of humans, bending this way and that, using belts to straighten their legs, and ropes to hang upside down.  Strange.

… A purple butterfly, beating her wings against the arched windows that frame the tangled vines outside.  She is desperate to escape into the streaming sunlight, the floating clouds, the luminous day.  She flutters and drops, flutters and stops, fruitlessly beating her wings against these maddening panes of glass.

… A brown grasshopper who’s not quite sure how he got here.  He rubs his back legs together nervously, appraising the situation.  Quick hop to the left as a human approaches, then a careful shuffle along the wall, his antennas wiggling furiously.  You can never be too careful in these places.  There’s no telling what might happen.

… And last but not least…

… A fly on the wall who watches it all.



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