When Stairs Turn Into Rivers

When stairs turn into rivers
It’s quite a curious sight
Rain beats down on tin roofs
Obscures the day from sight

But just around the corner-
A roaring, gushing sound
Is coming from a place
No river should be found

You peer beyond the safety
Of this warm, dry hut
Where chai steams on the table
And nothing’s getting wet

Outside the day is streaming
Monsoon rains pouring down
Thunder rumbles in the sky
Nature’s angry frown

You see the place where once
The stone steps used to be
They lead you towards your room
To comfort and safety

Now they rush with water
A veritable river of stairs
Brown, the color of mud
A water demon’s hair

Your eyes are wide in wonder-
A gushing, geometric shape!
No one would dare to climb
Such stairs in any haste

You’d slip and slide and fall
And soon be washed away
A memory of the mountain
Whatever happened… they’d say

So spooked, cold and damp
You pull your head inside
And wrap your hands around
A steIMG_2636aming cup of chai


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