Peace Body

In the golden September sun
The Peace Body shimmers like M.A.C. White Frost eye shadow
Innumerable reflections of light
She eats a green apple, crunch!
And it turns to peace as it slides down her throat
Shimmering pieces of peace
The Peace Body looks a bit like Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man
Spheres and lines dissecting her heavenly-aligned body
A diagram of perfection
She glides through a glen of trees, crunching on pine needles
Squirrels chattering overhead
She smiles at the sun, her suitor, her counterpart
She glistens in his light
Her muscles long and striated
Expanding and contracting as she walks
She is like crushed peppermint, or powdered snow
Everything she touches melts into peace



One Response to Peace Body

  1. brigitte s. says:

    ooohhhh… beautiful!

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