On The Move…

Hola, Amigos!

Okay, a little update on what’s going on.  Beginning tomorrow, my trip will start to be a little more hectic.  If all works out as planned, I will take an overnight bus to Delhi, an overnight train from Delhi to Gorakhpur, and an eight hour jeep ride from Gorakhpur to Kathmandu, Nepal.  I will spend several weeks in Nepal, trekking in the Himalayas (!) and getting my visa renewed, and then I will return to India.  I hope to spend another ten days in a vipassana retreat in Bodhgaya, the place where the Buddha was enlightened.  (I felt like that would be a pretty auspicious place to meditate!)  From Bodhgaya, I will venture to the holiest city in India, Varanasi.  In Varanasi, the dead are burned on open ghats, and people wash away their sins in the holy (and filthy) Ganges River.  From Varanasi, I will make my way to the far south of India,  through the fishing villages of Kerala, and into the bustling town of Trivandrum.  In Trivandrum, I will study to become a certified yoga teacher, and when I come home, hopefully I will be trained and ready to teach YOU!

So.  The next few months will be hectic ones, and I won’t have as much leisurely time to kick back and work on poems, stories, and essays.  That has been one wonderful highlight about staying in this place for the last three months- I have become very comfortable and settled, and have had plenty of time to indulge my creative tendencies.  But being on the road so much doesn’t really lend itself to long hours of creative writing.  Given that, the blog postings here will be less frequent- probably every week or so.  So don’t feel obliged to check in every day- you’ll be bored reading the same things over and over again.

Another change I’m going to make concerns the content of the writing on this website.  For sosofresh, I will tend to post genuine travel writing.  It will be inspired by the things, people, and places I see.  If you are interested in more creative writing, go to:  http://hubpages.com/profile/sarahtrudeau
On that website, I will post the strange, colorful, bizarre pieces of writing that often come into my mind.  Today, I have posted a creepy little story/poem about a woman who is simply called ‘She.‘  I have also shared a piece of writing that explores the notion of humans as dynamic, ever-changing entities.  That piece is titled “Carrie.”  Check them out when you have time!

Of course, nothing is set in stone as far as how I choose which writing goes where- often times, travel writing and creative writing overlap and merge.  But in general, that is how I will separate them.  This way, if you only want to read about India, or Nepal, or Thailand, or wherever I happen to be, you know where to go.  If you want to read phantasmagorical, eerie, poetic, sensual, strange, experimental fiction-style writing, you also know where to go.  One other benefit of posting writing less frequently is that the work has a chance to sit and marinate for a little while before I share it with you.  As it is, I generally do a piece of writing, and post it that same night.  It never has time to ripen or change, and when I look back on it at a later time, I see a million things I would edit.  Writing gets so much better when you let it sit for a little while, and then come back to it.  So hopefully this extra time I’m giving myself in between posting will allow the writing to become more creative and mature.

Another reason I will be posting less writing on these websites for the time being, is because I want to start trying my hand at various writing contests.  There are so many opportunities for writers to make money out there, and until now, I’ve never really tried.  I have read about those contests, concocted crazy stories I would enter, imagined how I would spend the money if I won… but I’ve never actually taken the chance and submitted a piece of writing.  So now I’m going to dedicate 90% of my creative energy to working on pieces for various writing contests.  Wish me luck!

I think that’s all for now.  I will check in in a week or so from Nepal, and let you know what life is like there.  And if you feel inspired to drop me a line and tell me what’s going on with YOU, I’d love it!  It’s always great to get letters from my friends and family at home.

Lots of love,




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