La Dee Da…


Pumpkin vines climb old stone walls

Heavy fruit streaked orange and green

Terraced fields of rice and maize

Swaying in an autumn breeze


Black-eyed women hauling loads

In woven baskets on their backs

Straps across their foreheads ease

The weight of heavy flour sacks


Mountains floating on the clouds

Rivers pounding down the hills

Palm trees at ten thousand feet

Bamboo sways and oranges spill


At night, a steaming cup of tea

A bucket shower and woolen socks

Dahl and rice and curry spiced

And for the warmth, a whiskey shot


The people speak in Nepalese

A fire burns, a kettle boils

Another whiskey shot, yes please!

I watch a dark-eyed child toil


She rolls chapattis, fetches water

Shoos the skinny cat away

Grandma sweeps the floors and cooks

Here you work at every age!


Morning dawn is bright and clear

The Himalayas touch the sky

I drink my tea and eat my eggs

And wish again that I could fly


One Response to La Dee Da…

  1. sheila says:

    What a delightful whimsy! I loved it.

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