The Himalayas


I’ve seen them for months, far off, distant, snow-capped. They surrounded me in Manali, jagged peaks crowning Kullu Valley, breathtakingly crisp against the summer-blue sky. They rose up behind me in Dharamshala, an invisible promise wrapped in autumn mist. I have been living in their foothills for four months now, a speck of humanity looking up to their peaks, feeling tiny and fleeting against their superior strength and longevity.

This last week, I got closer to those peaks than I’ve ever been before. Nepal is a country composed almost entirely of mountains, and so it was here that I decided to trek. I’ve never been a big hiker, but I figured that if I was ever going to get my ass into gear and see what the hype was all about, Nepal would be a good place to do it. I hired a guide and a porter (there was no way I was going to carry that heavy backpack 10,000 feet up into the mountains), and we were off. It was stunning. It was beautiful. It was everything you would imagine Nepal to be, a picturesque, God-kissed land of rushing streams, rhododendron forests, sprawling meadows, and the snow-capped peaks of the Annapurna range reaching up into the blue sky like sparkling candy.

There is so much I could write about it, but I think I’ll choose just a few selections and post them below. Interestingly, the mountains inspired me to write longer stories, stories completely unrelated to nature or Nepal. On the third day, as we moved through the terraced rice fields, and the dark, curving deodar corridors along the side of the mountain, I had a rush of ideas that stayed with me for hours. Two new stories formed in my mind, and I think I will put the majority of my creative efforts into writing those. Hopefully, at some point soon, they will be ready to share. Until then, enjoy the following writing, and wherever you are in the world, get out into nature and enjoy it! It’s a wonderful place to be.

(P.S. I wish that I had dazzling pictures to share with you, but I left my camera’s memory card in my computer in Kathmandu… so I was unable to take any pictures! Sorry! You’ll have to make do with old shots I have taken in other places…)


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