Shadow Dancing


I sit on a low stone wall

Centuries of life have left it bleached by sun

Which rises again, burning orange, at my back


A girl walks up the steps, passes me, and disappears from sight

I continue to watch the papery purple flowers before me

Sunlight piercing their petals and leaves


Suddenly a shadow is dancing upon them

Lifting, opening, gathering, scattering


Busy, dancing shadows

That contrast with the glowing petals still touched by sun

A play of shadow and light staged on these innocent purple flowers


I watch and I know

Without ever turning around

That the girl has sat down behind me

And is braiding her hair


One Response to Shadow Dancing

  1. sheila says:

    Sarah – I haven’t really read much poetry since I was a child but your poetry is really growing on me. Your sensitivity to colors, shapes, sounds and movment is really extraordinary and it is amazing how you translate those sensitivities into word images.

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