An Unplanned Sabatical

Hello friends and family,

I am writing from a hot little internet shop in Goa, on the west coast of India. This is hippie beach life at its finest, and I love it. I have run into several old friends, enjoyed fresh seafood dinners, walked barefoot on the beach, slept in, sipped masala chai, and relaxed. I have also tried to do a bit of writing, but my computer has decided that that’s not going to happen right now. For some reason, it has begun making strange beeping sounds, refuses to type certain letters, types long streams of other letters without stopping, overheats, and is generally behaving badly. I don’t know if it is in its death throes, or if it is just throwing a tantrum, but until I find out, I won’t be posting any writing.

I have another week on the beach, then I’m up to Bombay for Christmas, and on December 26th, I will fly back to my beloved Thailand. I will immediately head up to the Buddhist monastery in the north, where I will spend another month in silent meditation. Obviously, there will be no writing there. So unless my computer perks up in the next day or so, it will be another five or six weeks before I am back to writing again, assuming my little computer is revived and responsive by then. If, somehow, it begins to work in the next few days, I will definitely put some writing up. I have lots of fun stories to share.

In the meantime, I will soak up some sun for you all, and enjoy my last days in India. CRAZY!!



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