Fire In The Jungle

I spy, with one little eye…

A fire in the jungle. Pirates. Leaping flames. Roasting lion, face-paint. Cannibal dances, slapping thighs. Faces turned toward the black sky, smoke gray. Hungry, hungry, pounding chests. Jumping shadows. A child crouched in the leaves. Smudged face, huge eyes. Holding a spear. A spear? Yes, a spear. In the hand of a child. Dirty feet, insane dance. Pounding, pounding, pounding. A ship, far away. Invisible at night. Coming. It’s coming. But will it come in time? No. Pounding feet. Bouncing light. Screams, piercing the air. From where? The child sprints. The chief turns, fire leaping in his eyes. Capture him, he says, sparks shooting from his spear. Pounding feet. Leaping legs. Hunt.

Actually, this is all speculation. From here, all I can see is a fire in the jungle 😉

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