We have been waterless for days. That is not to say the entire beach is out of water, merely our bungalows. My sister and I are staying at Good Hope with a Thai family we have known for years. On the one hand, this is a good thing. We are treated like family. On the other hand, this is a bad thing. We are treated like family.

For example, when something goes wrong, they are in no hurry to fix it. Once, when we had been out of electricity for weeks, the young Thai boy who ran the show brushed the problem off easily.

“No have electricity,” he said, smiling. “But no problem, because only you, Brigitte and John stay here- like family!”

Because we were “like family,” and thus not to be fussed over, we lived without electricity for a month.

The current problem is a lack of water. We have been bathing in the sea, beneath weak showerheads on the beach, and with buckets in the family’s outhouse/shower. Flushing the toilet is out of the question, so we must time our toilet excursions carefully, or find ourselves in an uncomfortable situation.

Just now, as if to rub it in, the owner of the bungalows next door appeared and began watering his plants. “Look, Say,” my sister said bitterly. “Pi-Kek is watering his flowers.”

He sprayed the water over the happy orchids, and soaked the soil ‘til it was black. He smiled as the leaves danced under the spray, and nearly poured the water over his head he was so happy. I watched silently from the hammock, and Brigitte glowered from her post against the rail.

We are sticky and un-showered. There is still no sign of water. And yet, we are lazy bums, so we will never leave. Packing our bags and changing bungalows is out of the question. That would mean having to move. Uck. So we talk a lot of shit instead. And write stories 😉


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